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Whether you're a small business with just a few employees, a healthy-sized organization, or a large-scale corporation, taking advantage of a top payroll processing company is one of the top ways to keep things running smoothly. They are cost-effective solutions to having a substantial payroll department, and also offer unparalleled accessibility to the documents and applications that keep your workforce thriving.

There are many different categories that fall under the umbrella term "payroll processing." For some, payroll is the biggest challenge. By selecting a company that specializes in payroll processing services, you'll gain access to experts in the field. They'll guide you through common payroll hiccups and offer applications that take the guesswork out of entering hours, releasing checks, and much more.

Meanwhile, for businesses struggling to accurately record employee punches, time-off requests, and sick days, many companies offer advanced time and attendance software. This software will streamline and consolidate all your employee data in one easy to use location, ensuring you never make another mistake with scheduling. As an added bonus, your employees will also be able to access their historical data from a variety of devices, ensuring you don’t waste time answering simple payroll questions.

Additionally, payroll processing companies will tackle the challenges of navigating payroll taxes by automatically withholding employee taxes, filing required quarterly tax reports, distributing 1099 and W-2 tax forms to employees at the end of the year, and more.

Last but not least, when it comes to hiring, there is always a mountain of required new hire forms. Unfortunately, letting even one of these forms slip through the cracks can yield disastrous results during an audit; with business services designed to smooth the onboarding process, you can guarantee that your background checks, I-9 packets, and W-4 forms are processed quickly and always available for reference.

If you're looking for help with either small business payroll or enterprise payroll (as well as all the little details that go along with it), look no further than the top payroll processing companies.

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